Escaping Devil’s Workshop

“Idle Mind is a Devil’s Workshop….!” What a Truth…! I’ve been sitting idle for the past couple of days, our server’s down. There’s nothing much I can do about it.

Going on Thinking what am I gonna do… feeling to do… where to…. what to… how to…

As we know.. All these thoughts crop up in the mind only when you are lazy enough to see that you are sitting idle, cropping up something devilish. Then You start thinking of the past, present and the future, run diagnostics, peel off the good things, and start off to mitigate the positiveness of what happened.

The Competition is On….!

“Competition is a rivalry between individuals, groups, nations, or animals, for territory or resources. It arises whenever two or more parties strive for a goal that cannot be shared. Competition occurs naturally between living organisms which coexist in the same environment.”
This is a definition given by Wikipedia about the so called “Competition”.

If you noticed the line which says, Competition occurs naturally between living Organisms Coexisting in the same Environment. Does this apply too ALL…? Which means it exists between all animals… and last it happens between Humans…!

How Life is…!

I’m perplexed to say the least. How am I to encapsulate every facet of being an adolescent? Having rushed through the phase, I’ll try to sum up every emotion, every state of mind or on how life is or how it is perceived is a task seemingly impossible. Where does it being and where does it end? The actual transition of being a teenager to an adult may be recognized on your 18th birthday however in reality how could this be? Growing up is a process, which we cannot deny because from the day we are born we are curious. As human beings we crave understanding of others, the world and most significantly ourselves. This becomes very apparent in your childhood and…