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Help Me Please!

Lots of people come over asking for help. Most of them do not know how to, or to be precise – When to. There are guys who ask for the …

Calculate Begin and End Dates for Month/Year

Calculate the Begin and End dates from a given Period/Year combination or to calculate the month’s begin and end dates from a given date. Like if you are given Period=3, Year=9, the Begin and End dates will be 03/01/2009 and 03/30/2009 respectively. Similarly if you were given a date say – 2/17/2009, the return Begin & End dates will be 02/01/2009 and 02/28/2009.

Lifetime Support Policy, Coverage for Oracle Applications

Simple, predictable, and the most comprehensive policy available, Lifetime Support helps drive your business success. Oracle’s industry-leading Lifetime Support covers your entire technology stack, from database to middleware to applications. It puts you in control of your upgrade strategy so you can enjoy continued peace of mind, knowing that no matter which product release you’re running, we’ll be there to support your business.