Is Mistake a synonym of Destiny?

Have you ever wondered or experienced, many of us blaming it on Destiny when something is out of control or if something bad hits on us because of our mistake.Why do we conveniently use the word “Good Luck” when amazingly good happens? We then don’t make use of the word Destiny or it was destined to happen. Hope my friends at the other end somewhat agree with me.

Escaping Devil’s Workshop

“Idle Mind is a Devil’s Workshop….!” What a Truth…! I’ve been sitting idle for the past couple of days, our server’s down. There’s nothing much I can do about it.

Going on Thinking what am I gonna do… feeling to do… where to…. what to… how to…

As we know.. All these thoughts crop up in the mind only when you are lazy enough to see that you are sitting idle, cropping up something devilish. Then You start thinking of the past, present and the future, run diagnostics, peel off the good things, and start off to mitigate the positiveness of what happened.