The Choice between two C’s

Right from the time of Generation Y, The Millenials, or for the matter even today’s kids are all enamored by superheroes. What I realized influences these kids about these superheroes, intrigued me. It’s not their abilities to defy gravity or speed, rather the choices they make… to do the right thing, while defying circumstances, that keeps everyone hooked.

Choice between consequence and convenience
Choice between Consequence and Convenience

Making a Choice’ is a phrase often used, yet seldom practiced. Do we really make all the choices, and above all the right choices?

Have you ever wondered that one of the most significant choices you have made in your life – to work at an Organization – involves a lot more than work? And, it also includes several choices you have to make in the way you perform your work?

Consider this. Supporting the safety and security of our workplace, the welfare of our colleagues, the protection of our assets, the protection of our client data, making a fire drill on campus a success, participating in the programs intended to help everyone at workplace safe – these are not choices based on impulse or a typical “What’s in it for me?” These are choices that are based on prudence, risk-intelligence, and righteousness.

‘Making a Choice’ is not as simple as it sounds. In any situation where a ‘choice’ really matters, we tend to get influenced by the circumstances, our past experiences, our fears, our frame of references, or our aspirations. While ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ are subjective, choices really are not. All one needs is to be conscious of the consequences — positive or negative — of every choice they make.

At our workplace, some people ask me why we have safety or security rules; why must I wear my badge; why must I leave the building during a fire evacuation drill, why do I need to update my contact information etc. In fact, some people make the choice to not follow the rules or the choice to not comply with the guidelines. We may choose to jump a traffic signal in haste to attend a meeting or try to evade a safety check procedure just to catch a flight at the last moment. Did we ever think that what seemed ok to choose at that stage, may actually lead to unacceptable consequences?

We often find ourselves stranded, while choosing between Convenience and Consequence; the two C’s. While convenience mostly triumphs as a choice, consequence always has the last laugh.

One may consider rules as dictates created to tell others what they should do; but the underlying fact remains that we also have a choice to think that they are created for us to help with what to choose – excellence or risk. While willingness to accept adverse consequences allows someone to make a negative choice, willingness to think beyond self and think for the good of the team, the organization and the community enables us to make a positive choice.

The Security and emergency guidelines and rules are not intended as a tool to derail your workday or create hassles; they are created to make sure that we, together, deliver The Standard of Excellence to our people, clients and community. How? By keeping our people, information and our assets safe, secure and available.  We don’t need to make choices that can save the world like Batman or Superman, but to secure ourselves and our surroundings is our choice. I choose to focus on the consequence, not convenience. What about you?

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  1. Abhishek Reply

    Lot of contemplation. Change is good and one must enjoy the change :):)

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