Life beyond connectivity!

The latest smartphones are now coming with 2 SIM’s to cater the need of people who carry 2 or more cell phones with them. Very much indeed the distance between people are less with more networks, 2 cameras on the phone, chat softwares, games. Yes and its only Virtual.
There are no more physical hangouts, no face to face discussions, no group chats, nor the thought to meet someone in person. These debates have been going on for quite some time. Let’s not dwell on it, atleast in a place where even roadside dwellers too have couple of ’em (phones)

Text while Driving
Life without Mobile Phones. Texting while driving is one of the other major causes of vehicle accidents, equivalent to drunken driving. Courtesy: iStockPhoto

The main topic which struck me was the one after I read an article in Times of India newspaper, which said about the word – NOMOPHOBIA.
Nomophobia – is the fear of being out of mobile phone contact.The term, an abbreviation for “nomobile-phone phobia” : as described by the Wikipedia. I gave a self-retrospection, just to find out that I’m one of them Wink. Ain’t that something to treat for? or is it something that’s cool enough to take yourself as a gadget freak? I’m pretty sure that most of us are very freaked out with our gadgets.

I’ve seen people who have ear-buds draped around their neck like jewelry, waiting to plug it in at the slightest hint. Most of the time they have it in their ears, unaware of the next person hearing the blaring music from the ear-pods.
There are other set of people like myself, who keep on reading each notification, alerts and mails that come across, may it be in an official meeting, or when idle, or may be even during a date.

This is a serious problem. Often we forget that the primary purpose of these gadgets are to connect you with people, so you never want to forget to do that when people are around you. There’s no real education on how to use these, or on the cell phone etiquette’s who only preach about texting while driving,  or keeping your gadget on silent at specific places and events.

Even though being addicted to using a phone is kind of silly, first-world problem, it’s an issue many smartphone owners have. Even if you didn’t have a mild-to-extreme smartphone addiction, the right way is to train self to use your mobile responsibly and as the tool it is.

Look up and appreciate the beautiful world & people around us.
I have set a bunch of rules based on cell phone etiquette’s, and turned off the notifications/alerts or rather have smart alerts setup for myself. Tell me how are you doing it?

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