EnterpriseOne 9.0 Learning Resources/Tutorials

The Oracle E-Delivery site, provides very good learning resources on JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0, ranging from Fundamentals, to Sales Order, Inventory Management, Fixed Assets, Pricing….. and many more.

The Tutorials are created with User Productivity Kit or called as UPK. Oracle UPK provides a collaborative development environment to create system related assets – the “People to System” documentation – which are used throughout the rest of the project lifecycle.

Following is where the tutorials are available for download –

  1. Get to the Oracle Edelivery site – http://edelivery.oracle.com
  2. After logging in with your credentials, you may get the following screen asking for search options
    Set the following , and click GO
    E-Delivery Options
  3. Once you reach the Search page, you see the following
    Media download
  4. Select JD Edwards EnterpriseOne 9.0 UPK…. to get all the tutorials
  5. Download and Unzip the files into a Directory, say “C:\UPK”
  6. Now open the “C:\UPK\Publish\PlayerPackage 3.5” folder.
    1. Within this Folder, you will find a UPKPlay which says – “PLAY.EXE”
    2. Run the Application, and automatically you will have the UPK Player opened in Internet Explorer.
  7. In UPK you have 4 kinds of playing options, as shown.UPK1
    1. See it
      • In this, you have option of seeing how to do it.  A Simulation of the Application usage/navigation is shown. This is an automated version of the tutorial, usually used for demonstration.
    2. Try it
      • Here, the user must interact with the simulation, completing all the actions required rather than watching it run unattended. This mode is most valuable in training; in the classroom or in a self-service learning context.
    3. Know it
      • This allows the user to go through the process without the on screen guidance. Instead, the system tracks their actions, warning when they stray off course (the system is smart enough to allow alternative ways of navigating the system, such as using the mouse to negotiate the menus or the keyboard shortcut). If the user makes further incorrect attempts, Know-It mode will give more remediation, eventually completing the step for the user. The rub for the user is that at every incorrect action their score is reduced, potentially causing them to fail the test..
    4. Do it
      • This is for Performance Support rather than training. In this mode the user is working on the live application and UPK is hovering in the lower right of their screen, providing visual instruction, in the form of a small video simulation, and written instructions guiding them step by step as they perform their work on the live system.

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